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Can everything that counts be counted in PR?

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted,” said Albert Einstein many years ago. It’s a statement that you might feel resonates with the perennial issues of PR measurement. The idea of evaluating campaigns using AVEs (Advertising Value Equivalents) was rejected so long ago that they sound like […]

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A surprisingly simple way to get people to read what you’ve written

Start with a great headline – it really is as simple as that. If you’ve read this far, you’ll have proven the point! Sharp and snappy titles are always going to encourage readers to continue reading, exactly what you want when you’ve spent time carefully crafting the content of your press release, blog or article. […]

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Acronym Bingo, anyone?

Few would disagree that communicating with your target audience in a clear and engaging manner is one of the touchstones of good public relations. In the first of her guest blogs, award winning freelance journalist Sal McKeown discusses one of the barriers to this and a personal bugbear – the increasing use of confusing acronyms. […]

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Viewing Your Social Media Footprint

Erik Qualman, the American author of a best selling book called Socialnomics, recently said in an interview, “People often ask, what’s the cost of social media? A more important question is, what is the cost of doing nothing? The ROI of social media is your business will still exist in 5 years.” It’s a strong […]

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Planning a Social Media Campaign?

I recently went along to a couple of ‘Social Summer’ evening workshops, run by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and ideal for any PRs with a keen interest in anything related to social media. Very informative they were too. The last one I went to, ‘Kick start your social media strategy’ by Simon Sanders, […]

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What to do if your PR isn’t working

Here at Catherine Lane Towers, we are big fans of monitoring our PR campaigns to ensure that we constantly hit the right notes for our clients. It’s been nearly a year since AVE was formally discarded, but any PR worth their salt would agree that metrics – providing they are bespoke to a client’s requirements […]

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Let’s Get Social

One of the best things about working in PR is the opportunity to meet a wide range of interesting people, and listen to them talk about some extraordinary things. A case in point was the astounding presentation by Mark Stewart from Microsoft that I was lucky enough to sit in on at a recent client […]

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Is your PR efficient?

Working with clients in the Public Sector (as we do here at Catherine Lane PR), ‘efficiency and effectiveness’ and the very real need to do ‘more with less’ are subjects that keep coming up. PR should follow suit and be as effective as it’s possible to be, offering tangible benefits and value for money at […]

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AVE is a dying breed, but what’s the alternative?

The news that PR Week has decided to ban AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent, or how much the coverage would have cost if the space had been paid-for advertising) as a measurement method in its awards won’t have surprised many people working in public relations. It’s been a bone of contention for a long time and […]

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Creating Creative Campaigns

“Creative thinking is the last legal way to secure an unfair advantage.” Maurice Saatchi Being creative in both approach and execution is something PR and marketing people talk about incessantly, and certainly the beginning of a new year is an ideal time to think about how best to bring a little creativity into your campaigns […]

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