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How to secure a speaker slot at Bett

Bett is awash with decision makers seeking inspiration in education technology, but how can you can best engage with the maximum number of potential customers.
One way of upping the ante is to present a talk and Bett has five theatres, open to all attendees, for this very purpose. However, as you might imagine, securing a slot can be easier said than done. Find out how you can increase your chances of getting picked…

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How to use #Hashtags Properly

Enter the world of Twitter and you will experience a typhoon of hashtags –  #sohappy, #quoteoftheday, #besteventever, #justhashtaganything The aim of a hashtag is to enable people to search for tweets that have a relevant theme.  Used properly, hashtags can be a very powerful marketing tool to drive customers back to your site or to […]

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In it for the long run?

I got a shock last week when, taking a Ryanair flight, I noticed a significant change in how I was treated by staff and also in the tone of the inflight magazine. The mag listed a number of different ways in which the company was improving service to customers – not something I am used […]

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‘Cut out and keep’ guide to crisis management

Nobody likes to dwell on the possibility of it happening, but should a crisis hit, the ability to act fast can make all the difference. No doubt you’ve read all the books that tell you ‘the key to crisis management is advanced planning’, and yet it’s surprisingly common to find that this particular job never […]

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How to write a winning award entry


Award entries are a great way to get recognition for your brand, your products or your customers. They can also lead to media interest in the winners and so are a good tool for PRs to use.
The downside is they can sometimes take a long time to put together, so you only want to invest the time if you are certain you will get the recognition you deserve. So what do you need to do to increase the likelihood of you winning the award you’re after?

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What to Tweet

The Thinker

Stuck for ideas of what to Tweet, here are some suggestions that might help

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Raising Your Twitter Profile

I have been advising our clients a lot recently on raising their Twitter profiles. I thought I would share some of the key pointers here too.

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The hitch hiker’s guide to social media measurement


As we have mentioned elsewhere in this blog (AVE is a dying breed), the world of PR measurement is changing. A good case study written by a journalist or a glowing product review is worth 10 times more than the thousands of pounds it costs to advertise in that magazine. But it is not the […]

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PR that delivers on your business objectives

Success & Failure

A Guide to Good PR

Lots of businesses recognise the need for PR, but how do you create a PR plan that delivers on your objectives? Read these tips

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What do journalists want?

I was scrolling through a blog the other day (for the life of me I cannot remember whose it was otherwise I would provide a link) and a journalist was bemoaning one of his pet hates which went something like this: “I hate it when a PR sends me the whole story; the angle, the […]

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  • What our clients say

    "Very responsive to urgent issues/requests. Extremely strong relationship management across all areas of our business."

    "You're responsive, have a rapid turnaround of work and easy to discuss ideas with, turning often wild ideas into a quality piece of work."

    "Response times to enquiries/requests are very quick and very clear. Impressive quality of work that comes through demonstrating in-depth industry insight."

    "It is a very professional and informed service, great people and represent our company and values really well."

    "The service we receive is great."

    "The team are great to work with and really enthusiastic about our business and the education sector. It's great to be working with people who really know their stuff."

    "Friendly, approachable team who deliver great results."

    "Good, solid service provider. Flexible, open and trustworthy."

    "You make it look so easy when turning a dry subject into something very interesting."

    "Always professional, always helpful, always top quality."

    "Work is of a very high standard and with good results. A pleasure to work with the team."

    "Catherine Lane PR has enabled us to build a positive relationship with the press that has resulted in many more of our customers understanding just what our software can do for them."

    "Catherine Lane PR continues to more than justify my decision to take them on and then increase the number of days that they do for us."

    "We were extremely impressed with the ability of Catherine Lane PR to get to grips quickly with our products and their key messages, which was reflected in the quality and amount of press coverage we received."